• We provide scaffolding for schools
  • We provide scaffolding for new developments
  • We provide scaffolding for prestige homes
  • English heritage work
  • We provide scaffolding for industrial work
  • We provide scaffolding for domestic work

Our homes are our sanctuaries and a place where we can feel safe and relaxed. However, as people of the south-western UK found out earlier this year, nature has a way of disregarding our efforts to keep her at bay.
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Following a month long safety drive by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), nearly half of all construction sites visited and inspected were found to be working to poor standards and undertaking dangerous practices that could put those working on the site at risk. Unannounced visits were made to 2,607 constructions sites throughout the month of September by inspectors from the HSE, with basic safety standards being found to be lacking in a large proportion of those sites. Read More »

Scaffolding is one of the construction industry’s biggest assets, affording a degree of access that allows for the completion of work to the highest quality in the shortest time. Throughout the year, 65% of all construction industry personnel will find themselves working on scaffolding, carrying out essential maintenance or construction at great heights and often with powerful tools.
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If are planning to do some type of project that involves being high off the ground, it is probably going to be a good idea to consider some scaffolding. This can make this type of work far more manageable, and there are also a number of important safety benefits.
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When Kensington Palace underwent renovation, the residents and visitors in the surrounding areas were spared the sight of poles and workers working furiously to prepare the palace for William, Kate and their newborn baby boy. While scaffolding is a necessity when constructing or renovating buildings, they are not necessarily pleasing to the eye. Read More »

Scaffolds are temporary structures used by workers to sit or stand whilst carrying out construction work. These structures can be supported from below or suspended from above. The evolution of scaffolding is extremely interesting, considering that ancient Aztecs and Egyptians have constructed such huge structures that are standing even today. Read More »

Scaffolding literally means a temporary structure on the outside of a building. These are generally made up of metal poles and wooden boards or planks, which are used by workers while building or repairing a tall structure, or a multi-storied apartment. While scaffolds are generally used by construction workers, they come in handy when one needs to repair a chimney, repaint the exterior walls of a property or replace tiles on a roof. Its stable form and structure provides a wider working platform and allows a wider reach as well. Read More »

We want our customers to know they are in safe hands with Border Scaffolding. That’s why after gaining our new accreditations earlier this year we didn’t stop there! We’ve now ensured that all of our staff are CRB checked. Read More »

Border Scaffolding is Proud to announce that the staff are CRB checked

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